Angry Gods 

 Each flavor is a custom illustration based off Mayan mythology.

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As the Down-God and God of Earthquakes

Zipacna is bursting with juicy blueberry flavored.
Chase with it a hint of koolada for an icy cold refreshing inhale. it`s the best,most refreshing blueberry around

angrygod zipacna


As the God of War He was Cosmo When Cosmo was not cool.

VOTAN is powerfully delicious and bold in it`s flavors.
A tasty mix of ripe watermelon,tart limeade and granny smith apples layered with ice cold koolada for that cooling throat kick.

angrygod votan



Much like the God it`s named after,this flavor is a hurricane of tantalizing taste

A crisp,cool throat feel followed by the refreshing flavor of ice cold limeade is enough to keep you vaping on this all day long

angrygod huracan


Just like the God of mountains.He is a mountain giant hell-bent on destruction.

Cabrakan is a refreshingly tart limeadelayared with sweet honeydew,juicy peaches and ice cold koolada.

inhale cooling sensation and exhale the flavor of fruity deliciousness.

angrygod cabrakan

Angry Frogs

Premium E-liquids

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